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Today was a special one on the Wisconsin River. Marge Gibson, of the Raptor Education Group, chose the VFW Park at the Prairie du Sac dam to release 3 Bald Eagles back into the wild. The first bird was an adult male, whom Marge believed to be an older bird. He was suffering from lead poisoning when he was brought into her rehab facility.

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Here Marge is holding the bird against her body so he can feel secure as she walks through the crowd gathered to watch the release. All three of the birds were amazingly calm and the onlookers well-behaved.The last photo shows Marge and the eagle  atop of a pyramid of picnic tables. This gave everyone a great view as she launched the now healthy raptor into the air. He flew across the river and landed in a tree taking in his new surroundings. His hometown had been in Marathon County and it is thought that he will eventually head back there. The Wisconsin River is a good place to release these birds because of the availability of food. Once they’ve been on their own for awhile and had success with hunting, they’re able to make their way to more permanent territory.