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International Crane Foundation Co-founder, Dr. George Archibald, established a unique relationship with a genetically valuable Whooping Crane named Tex in the mid-1970s. Tex was imprinted on people because she had been hand raised by the Director of the San Antonio Zoo. We created an exhibit this season at ICF to tell the story about how this effort aided in bringing the Endangered Whooping Cranes back from the brink of extinction. In the 1940s, only 21 of North America’s tallest birds were alive on the planet. Only 15 would contribute to the genetic pool resulting in the 573 Whooping Cranes we have today. This includes both wild and captive birds.

To learn more about the exhibit and ICF’s work check out George & Tex.

For a special treat, go to ICF’s new CraneTube Channel on YouTube and watch Dr. Archibald tell the story of Tex and her only offspring, Gee Whiz, in his own words.