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photo by Ted Thousand, All Rights Reserved

At 47 years old, Nandi is one of the oldest cranes living at the International Crane Foundation (ICF). She has a scar on the top of her head from  traveling in a crate that was too small for her almost 6 foot tall frame. Years ago zoos, private breeders and collectors had little oversight when capturing wild animals for exhibit. Nandi eventually landed at a zoo in the Midwest and then ultimately came to ICF in hopes that she could be bred. Breeding of endangered animals already living in reputable zoos and facilities helps to alleviate the demand for taking the few remaining individuals left in the wild. Today just 7,000 Wattled Cranes are thought to make their living in the river deltas of sub-Saharan Africa. Nandi can be seen at the International Crane Foundation in the Spirit of Africa exhibit every day from April 15th through October 31st.
The International Crane Foundation is the only place in the world to have all fifteen species of cranes on exhibit. To learn more visit http://www.savingcranes.org.